Hiring Medical Malpractice Attorneys


One of the most distinct fields in law is the medical malpractice. The majority of malpractice lawyers handle surgical errors, cancer diagnosis, birth trauma, and some areas of medical negligence. The only good way to find the best attorney to handle your case is checking on the specialty of the lawyer especially if the matter is too technical.

During your initial contact with a malpractice attorney,  it would be helpful if you are going to provide them with some copies or any records and documents related to your case.  The chicago lawyer will evaluate you r documents and advise you on the steps that you will make. There are also some questions that would help you a great deal if you ask your attorney. Ask them the number of cases they have handled before;  the length of time they have been handling malpractice cases; how they update themselves in various medical issues; their basis of finding a medical expert for malpractice in the cases that they have previously handled and whether they have enough financial resources  in case the of trial.

Most of the time, malpractice attorneys accept their cases on a contingency basis. Contingency basis means that the attorney’s fee is charged as a percentage of the total amount the plaintiff claims from the negligent party.  Usually, they receive one-third of the settlement after all the taxes and costs have been deducted.  Lawyers from www.desalvolaw.com who handle malpractice cases do not take it on retained basis. The retained basis means that the client will pay the attorney’s fee and other costs but receives the entire settlement after winning the case.   There are some customers who can afford this option, but for those who have limited resources, they go for the contingency basis. This is commonly referred to as the no win no fee agreement.

It is also good for you to remember that malpractice cases are difficult to handle and are expensive.  This means that attorneys will not automatically accept your case.  They will have to take time and ensure that the case they are going to handle has more chances of winning.  If your attorney turns down your case, ask for a referral so that you can look for another attorney to handle your case. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best lawyers, just visit http://www.britannica.com/topic/lawyer.

A malpractice attorney will initially accept a case after carrying out an exclusive investigation and review of your medical diagnosis and records. You must provide the names of the doctors who attend to you so that your lawyer can connect with them in case they need some clarification.


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